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Would you like to receive your medications at the same time every month? If so, please enroll in our Med Sync Program. We will work with you and your doctor to align all of your medications to one pick up or delivery date each month.

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Multi-dose Packaging • Color-coded by time of day • Know just when to take your medicine • Detachable and portable • Take your medicine on the go • Convenient packaging • Simpler and easier than pill boxes • Filled by your pharmacist • Eliminates worry of mixing up medications

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Rx2Go has an online interface that offers even more features than the app. Refill requests submitted using the Rx2Go app or through the pharmacy’s internet refill portal appear directly on your pharmacist’s screen!

Save your favorite independent pharmacy for quick future refill requests.

Submit a refill request using the prescription numbers and patient last name.

Receive an immediate response confirming the validity of the prescription number.

The Rx 2 Go application is sponsored by

Computer-Rx Pharmacy Software.

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